This Time Tomorrow

Visual Identity
Responsive Web Design
WordPress Development

Krystal Bick’s blog, This Time Tomorrow covers a range of topics including fashion, travel and lifestyle. Krystal wanted a redesign that would make the site more consistent with her aesthetic. My goal was to create a modern site with a focus on content and commerce.

I've been working with Holly Wang the past few months on my personal website redesign, in which she spearheaded both the design and technological efforts. Starting first with our brainstorming and wireframe phases, Holly was extremely comfortable and well-versed in beautiful and intuitive UI design, pointing out key elements that would help give my site a competitive advantage. Given that she's knowledgable in the fashion/lifestyle/travel blogging space, all areas that I work in, it was a streamlined work process -- and she incorporated the inspiration sources I passed over seamlessly. Our design and coding iteration phases move quickly, as she pivots quite well when given feedback. Her experience with WordPress made my migration from Blogger quick and painless -- I knew I was in good hands. And from a pure 1:1 experience, Holly is every bit professional as she is skilled in beautiful web design, that is to say, she is both in spades. I would contract her for any future web design needs that I may have.